What was MoLeNET

The Mobile Learning Network initiative 2007-2010, funded and supported 104 projects involving approximately 40,000 learners and over 7,000 staff in UK colleges and schools.  The Learning and Skills Council provided £13.5 million in funding for MoLeNET and participating Further Education colleges and their partner Schools contributed a further £3 million plus staff time and resources. MoLeNET was unique in its collaborative approach to introducing and supporting mobile learning in education and training via supported shared cost mobile learning projects.  

The Learning and Skills Network (LSN) MoLeNET Support and Evaluation programme led by Jill Attewell provided technical and pedagogic advice and support, materials development, continuing professional development, mentoring, facilitation of peer-to-peer support, networking and resource sharing, research and evaluation. 

The International Association for Mobile Learning (IAmLearn)

TALPA Director Jill Attewell is also a Director of the International Association for Mobile Learning (IAmLearn), which is a membership organisation to promote excellence in research, development and application of mobile and contextual learning. It organizes the annual mLearn international conference series and manages the website to collate and disseminate information about new projects, emerging technologies, and teaching resources.   IAmLearn is the custodian of the mLearn conference series. mLearn is the leading annual international conference for researchers, policy makers, educators, developers and solutions providers in the fields of mobile, ubiquitous and contextual learning, and learning with emerging ambient and wearable technologies, attracting participants from 60+ countries.