Programme and Project Management

Management of large and small programmes and projects, including national and European educational technology initiatives, 
Technology enhanced learning projects planning and management
Mobile learning research projects, IIntroduction and embedding projects planning and management.


Consulting,Research, Reports and Training

Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovative Teaching. Mobile Learning, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), On-line Safety, Action Research, Desk research, Expert consultation.  Questionnaire design and analysis.  Interviewing. Desk research. Report writing, Authoring Advice and Guidelines for school/college leaders and teachers. Publication Editing. Management of design and publication processes.

Business Development and Events Support

Development of project ideas, Consortium building, Expressions of Interest and Pre Qualification Questionnaires, Bids and Proposals writing, Management of bidding processes, Project planning.  

Conference/event planning, Programme development, Management of calls for papers, reviewing and publication processes.